Sunday, April 04, 2010

235. Is Tithing for Christians?

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Giving and tithing. How (and if) does this fit into the Christian life? This week we begin a brand new series in which we'll look at this. When it comes to living in God's grace, questions come up such as, "Is tithing for Christians?" and "What does grace-giving look like?" We'll start out by looking at what the Old Testament says about tithing. Who tithed? What was the purpose of the tithes? Does any of it fit into New Covenant living?

Specifically this week we'll look at a common "go-to passage" that is brought up when the church today talks about tithing - Malachi 3. What does this passage say, and who was it directed at? Does this passage have anything to do with Christian living and giving? Also, we'll look briefly at Abraham's one-time tithe to Melchizedek, which we'll also cover in greater detail later.


  1. Sounds like an interesting series coming up. I'm looking forward to hearing your other audio.

    - jared

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