Monday, November 30, 2009

Growing in Grace Together - Jim Robbins - The Good and Noble Heart - Part 2

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Part 2 of Joel's interview with Jim Robbins, author of the book Recover Your Good Heart.  (Here's Part 1). Among other things, this week Jim talks about the desires of our hearts, and how God is a God of desire and how desire is a good thing and is integral in every part of our lives.  Using some personal stories, Joel and Jim talk about how our relationships with God and with each other should be motivated by desire, and not by duty or robotic obedience.

Also discussed is the question of what to do with the desires that we have that don't line up with who we are in Christ.  Are those really "our" desires?  Do those desires come from the new heart?  And Jim ends up talking about the question of whether or not a person should stay in a fellowship/local assembly in which the true message of grace and the new heart is not being taught.  A very thought provoking conversation that will help us to recognize and live from the new good and noble heart that God has given us!

Find out more about Jim's ministry - The Good and Noble Heart - which includes a blog, a Ning community and a Facebook community.

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