Sunday, September 06, 2009

205. Sermon on the Mount - Jesus' Words To You? (Part 2)

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We're taking some time to look at some of the 'hard sayings' of Jesus, as recorded in the four books that open the New Testament as we know it, known as "The Gospels." Specifically, this week we're continuing on with our look at "The Sermon on the Mount." What was Jesus really saying? To whom did His words apply? Was this a "Christian" teaching? Was Jesus giving a new list of rules to live by? Why do some of His words seem so harsh and legalistic?

We'll move on next week to various other words that Jesus spoke to others that seem hard, looking at them in the context of the New Covenant in which we now live.


  1. Wow....I never stopped to think or realize the context of when this was said, but it really changes things. This is not for me. I am free, free, free. Just coming into the revelation of what freedom in Christ really is, after 30 some years of being a Christian. How refreshing to see Scripture in the light of this freedom. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Hi June,

    Yes indeed it really is refreshing as we grow in God's grace and freedom! Stuff like this has kept many people in bondage (the absence of freedom), and we're so thankful that the Lord is shedding light on things like this to make people free!