Sunday, March 15, 2009

182. We Didn't Pay the Price - He Did!

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Parables such as the Pearl of Great Price and the Treasure Hidden in a Field have been taken to mean that we have paid a great price to gain a precious pearl and a rich treasure named Jesus. But in the light of the gospel, in which Life and Salvation is a free gift - not something we can buy - those views just don't make sense!

This week Mike and Joel talk about how we've misidentified the pearl and the treasure as Jesus, when really the pearl and the treasure is us! God so loved the world that He gave Jesus. Jesus purchased us with His own blood!

It's not about us. It's not about us keeping a covenant. It's not about us paying some price to earn or obtain Jesus. It's about what God has done for us! Be encouraged with some words this week about God's great love for you - how He treasures you!


  1. Hey Joel! Hey Mike!
    Just wanted to express thanks for what you guys do, we get so much out of listening to these, and we do indeed go back through them as we are now. This particular one was especially good for me after years of wrong teaching. God bless you both.
    We love you,
    Ron and Anne

  2. Ron and Anne,

    Great to hear from you guys! We're glad you're enjoying these programs. There truly is a lot of bad teaching out there and we need to keep on building one another up in the good news, constantly! :)