Sunday, October 19, 2008

161. Exchanged Life - Christ's Life In Us

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Our life exchanged for His life. Our sin exchanged for His righteousness. Christ in you, the hope of glory!


  1. Hi Kap & Joel... Joel, I told you I'd probably post my thoughts here.
    This may be long (but you know me!)...

    First, thanks so much for your program. I tune it in ASAP every Monday morning and usually give my hubby and update in the evening (we don't have net at home - I listen at work). I appreciate being able to be immersed in grace.

    Kap - I have heard many of these thoughts from you at different times and in different ways... for many years since you started talking about Grace Walk at KWOF. I often listen to your programs and get a little frustrated why I can't "do more" to get this concept - I want to get it... I want to talk it... I want to have it so deep in me... and yet, I have grown up in the church and the other works based stuff seems to prevail. But yesterday... there was a victory - and I had to share with you guys, and I hope it encourages others too!

    I was in church adn the pastor quoted Luther - "it is grace alone, but grace is never alone." Okay - I get that. Then the sermon went on to describe how we could walk like Christ wants us to walk and be "good christians" - I felt like a heavy rope was hung around my neck and someone was dragging me... I was thinking of all that I do that is so hypocritical.... I'm a bad Christian - I don't live up to the name. But then it hit me. It is Christ alone - PERIOD. Christ saved me... He didn't save me for me to do a bunch of stuff to earn my salvation. I'm free - free to live and serve. Sure, doing things that are pleasing to God is a good thing - but where is the foundation? Because that is what we shoudl do because we are wreched sinners and need to earn our way back into His good graces? NO!!! Things that we "happen to do" are in response to Christ's work in us and only because of His work in us.

    I believe that I was born into sin because I am a child of Adam. I can do no good apart from God working through me... it isn't a 3-step sermon process for me to be a better Christian.

    I'm not saying this to knock anyone.. just saying - it was a BREAKTHROUGH! I chatted my hubby's ear off all the way home... I have to admit I didn't hear the rest of the sermon. But God spoke to my heart in it - but also through what I have heard you say many times...

    Joel - maybe this is the begging of growing some roots like I have talked with you about?!

  2. Okay - so I wrote a bunch, but I have to add something...

    After listening to this sermon, we were to sing a favorite Christian song that was all about what we can do to show others we are God's people. (I can't stand those songs in worship... but whatever).... I was in tears though.... because I couldn't sing it, because in the Sunday School area in our church prior to worship, all I heard was people tearing others down and being critical. It broke my heart. I tried to speak some truth to the situation - but it was one of those that you can't win. (You know the woman-gosip thing) - but actually it was men too! Anyway - sad thing, several of these people had already heard the sermon!!!

    Okay - I'm am the farthest from perfect. I'm a low-life, and I really do not deserve God's gifts... I'm thankful for them, though, so I do not want to pass judgement..

    But it kinda' proves the point of grace. Do sermons like that really work? If we preach Christ alone and focus on Him, maybe everything else would fall into place? Just a wondering thought.

    Church will never be perfect. We are sinners saved by Grace. If a church is perfect, I better not be there because without Christ - I"m a loser.

  3. SCC rocks,

    You said, "It is Christ alone - PERIOD."

    Yes! That's really the core of the message that Mike and I share. This foundation is sorely lacking in the church today that says they're all about Christ! Like you, I don't want to knock anybody and I don't want to come across as condescending, but I do often feel it's necessary to point out how this foundation is missing, and to point others to the real foundation, Christ and the grace and life that we freely have in Him.

    All too often today the foundation is "church service, for the sake of church service." Or like you say, it becomes a matter of trying to be a good Christian.

    But really it's about knowing who God is, and our identity in Him, and living from that foundation. Hebrews says, "it is good that the heart be established in grace," and it's sad that it's hard to find the type of teaching that establishes people in grace.

    Indeed, Christ saved you to have LIFE, not to get you to go around trying to do a bunch of stuff to earn or maintain your salvation. Some really good things can flow from that Life, but they're the fruit, not the root, of that Life.