Sunday, October 15, 2023

932. Thoughts About Scriptures

We're doing a different type of program this week that is more about perspectives designed to give all of us some food for thought. Most of us have been handed down a very wide variety of assumptions and doctrines related to things contained within the pages of the Bible. But along the way, there is also quite a bit we've been told from others about what they think the Bible itself is or how it is perceived. For example, it is often called a book, when it is made up of many books and writings written by many different people. Our assumptions will have an effect on what we see or read within the pages. We also address how "scriptures" are defined.

Letters in the New Testament were written to specific people, often responding to questions that occurred after Paul left from a previous visit. Some of it was meant just for them, but we can still gain great truth from it. There is an incredible historical context that is often overlooked. But ultimately these NT writings were either written or dictated by people who were witnesses of the risen Jesus. He is the reason for the pages ... they don't give life, but Jesus does, and they point to Him as the way to eternal life. In spite of the many things written, He should always be our focus.

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