Sunday, October 16, 2022

881. True or False: "Nobody’s Perfect"

We’re all familiar with the phrase “nobody’s perfect.” But is this a true statement? If one is referring to the actions, works, and behavior of people, then this is to be considered true. But if the reference is about attaining perfection apart from works and behavior, then we can point to a perfection that was inherited or gifted which came through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. A law of works was incapable of making people perfect.

The Jews may have thought they were “a work in progress” as they pursued right standing with God through their actions and attempted obedience to the Mosaic law of 613 commandments. But that law was useless in making them perfect … and perfection was the requirement. Works and repeated blood sacrifices could not make people perfect. We can’t earn our way towards God’s approval … regardless of whatever religious denominational tenets we want to use as a guide.

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