Sunday, November 16, 2014

471. Stop Trying to Be Like Jesus

In Christ, we have a brand new identity. We're no longer "sinners saved by grace," but we're saints who are fully dependent upon God's grace. We've been made new. We're sanctified, holy, righteous, blameless and complete in Him. And while each of these things is true of every single believer, God has also made each of us as unique individuals.

So this week we talk about how we're not trying to be like each other - and we're also not trying to be like Jesus! Rather, while we are in union with Him, we live our daily lives as the unique individuals He has made us to be. Along with this, we talk about two common words that are often used in the church to describe believers, and yet aren't mentioned in the epistles of Paul, Peter, James and John: "disciples" and "followers" of Jesus. Hmmm!


  YouTube version of this episode.

This week's GIG Bite - A bite-sized chunk of this week's program.

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