Sunday, September 08, 2013

410. God's Gift to You (Obtaining Victory Over Guilt, Obligation and Condemnation)

Very few would say they haven't struggled with guilt or condemnation from time to time. But for believers in Christ, this doesn't have to be a way of life nor should it be. One of the greatest and most effective ways to overcome this battle is to grow in understanding our identity in Christ and who He has already made you to be. What Jesus accomplished for us goes far beyond just being forgiven. You have become a brand new creation, filled with His life, love and holiness apart from works. The Spirit of God is with you constantly reminding that you are His righteousness and are in right-standing with Him.

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  1. Ah man you saved the best for next week-hyper grace LOL. I am just kidding, I love you guys.

    I love that you mentioned that the Holy Spirit does not convict believers of their sin. I think that is the biggest misconception about conviction, many people associate that with condemnation. God is not beating me over the head, threatening to punish me because of my sin. Rather he convicts me of my righteous, convinces me of who I am in Christ!

  2. Yeah, I think it's kind of silly that when God has taken away our sins, the church preaches that the Holy Spirit convicts us of them. :) It really is a huge misconception, as you say, that leaves people with feelings of guilt and condemnation, when the very reason Jesus came was to take all of that away.