Sunday, January 20, 2013

377. Balancing Grace With...???

From time to time we get accused of being out of balance when it comes to grace. The question is: How can any of the good news of the gospel be shared apart from grace? Those who have been taught a more legalistic doctrine may be viewing grace as simply one topic out of many important "topics" to be discussed from the Bible. But grace is much more than a subject to be considered for an occasional topical study. It should not be something kept in the cupboard only to be brought out for an occasional meal or side dish. It is the essence of our life in Christ and (fortunately) can not be avoided regardless of what direction you want to go when it comes to the gospel.

You might also want to check out a related podcast entitled Grace...But that we recorded a couple of years ago, that we mentioned in this week's podcast.

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  1. When I was growing up,I use to always say "Yes God lovees you but.. "Yes you are forgiven...But. " The truth about that is is sorta a paradox. It is Grace and only grace, there are no buts. It scares people when you say say that, cause some people mind set are so focused on improving behavior. It is sort of like telling someone "YOU ARE FREE TO GO TO A CONCERT, NO PRICE!" Yet when you arrive at the concert, you have to pay at the door. Then how is it free? There is no purchase if something is free.

    That is what God revealed to me, that if you put a price on something, then it is not free. That is the same way with Grace, we are FREE in Christ. Not to keep adding rules and guidelines.

    When someone knows the freedom they have in Christ, they will live in his abundance and not be so focus on the do's and the can'ts back the tree of good and evil. In contrast to the tree of life(Christ.)

    Amazing podcast, I just wish people would stop treating grace as a doctrine but the very core of our own existence. Grace is JESUS displaying Himself to man.

    I checked out the other Podcast, it was powerful.


  2. That's right, Mike, and it's grace in such abundance that's free, with no price for us! Like you, I truly wish grace wasn't treated as a doctrine, but as the essence of Life in Christ.

  3. Yeah I think that's happened to me in various ways, Howard. Although I never really sat down and studied the law and tried to keep it "by the book," there was always this works/performance cloud over me, and I most often felt that I was falling so very short of it. Other times I felt I was performing well. That roller coaster ride was horrendous! It affects the emotions and it affects the will.

    Fortunately for me, there was also always a cloud of grace hanging over me too, but for the longest time grace was simply something that "covered" me when I wasn't performing well. Grace was good news to me, but I didn't understand it in the way that I do nowadays --- not just a "covering," but the very essence of my life. :)