Sunday, July 01, 2012

349. Thoughts on Thinking

Thinking. Ironically, it might not be something we think about very much but obviously it's a big part of our everyday lives. Sometimes thinking can be a friend to us and other times not so much. How can a renewed mind help our thought process? If you're thinking about not listening to this week's podcast, think again.

The new life and freedom we have in Christ is a reality that came quickly and already belongs to us. It's a part of who we are in our spirit. We grow in the knowledge of these things by having our minds renewed to the truth and this is an ongoing process.

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  1. I like your pod cast. I hear this what you say, change your thinking to what is true, perfect, good and correct. Is not the only thing that is true, perfect, good, and correct God the Father of Jesus Christ? I know there are a lot of things here on earth that appear good and feel good. Thus then we each make individual desicion on right and wrong, where one says this is right the other says this is wrong and thus we have war, arguments, debates, etc.. Using thinking whether good or bad always leads to good or bad right?
    As a matter of fact are we not designed in such a way that whatever one's dominant thoughts are, causes one's feelings and thus our Souls respond to the feeling caused from our dominant thoughts? Did not Jesus say take no thought, does not God feed the Birds of the air, and how much more important are we than the birds? I see the scripture that says take no thought of tommorrow, next week, next month, next year. Do you think that maybe since we are told to take no thought that we do? I even remember the verse take all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. How are we to do this? I see if i try to take all thoughts captive then I get in more trouble. What about anyone else?
    So what if i, you, or anyone else took no thought, had no thought, could care less about thinking, would there be any trouble? If no thoughts then all thoughts would be captive right? For there is a lot of trouble enabled through thought to begin with starting at Adam and Eve who were deceived by thinking about God and God's word. They thought about it and what the enemy said, so they through doubt ate and their eyes were opened to the flesh. Present day God through Faith, trust in God the Father through Christ via the Holy Spirit of truth, would like by your free choice to shut down the eyes that were opened to the flesh via belief coming alive forever in the Spirit of christ. So today I am practicing daily shutting down the flesh mind and seeing the Spirit mind of God.
    Thanks from Howard to Joel and Kap

  2. Hi Howard,

    It's great to finally see a face with your name! (On your photo that accompanies your post).

    I personally think it's impossible to stop down our thinking center. :) I think that Jesus' words to "take no thought about tomorrow" are simply an exhortation to not worry about what will happen in the future. There are several scriptures that talk about 'renewing the mind' and 'think on these things,' etc, so I do think that the biblical exhortation for us is that, while we will never stop "thinking," we can certainly train and direct our minds to go in certain directions.

    In the past (20+ years ago), I used to have panic attacks, and these panic attacks were a direct result of me not being in control of my thoughts. I used to be able to pop a Xanax pill, which would calm me down and stop the panic attacks, but it never solved my problem. It was when I found the verse, "Cast all your anxiety on the Lord, for He cares for you," that I was able to overcome the panic attacks. And the root of 'casting your cares on the Lord' is believing that He really does care for me and that my life is really in His hands. In other words, the overcoming of my uncontrolled thoughts that led to panic attacks was rooted in what I thought about God and how I thought about Him. It's all rooted in the direction I allow my thinking to go.

    All that to say, I do believe that thinking plays a major role in our lives. We can't turn our "thinker" off. :) But by faith, and by the life of Christ in us (we have the mind of Christ), we have the moment by moment opportunity to renew our minds to the truth and to be in control of what we think.

  3. Joel, absolutely brother, and yes I finally figured it out how to get my pidture on the sight.
    I see this as you do and said, and coming into it at the same angle I see Paul when he said I serve sin with my flesh, the members at war every time he wished to do good, then he declared therefore it is not i that does this it is sin, sin (bad thoughts that control one)that dwells in my flesh. But I see as well that after the inward man I serve the law of God. this inward man has been revealed to me as none other than the Holy Ghost, where one cannot sin.
    So therefore as Paul i die daily to my flesh to sin where sin dwells and follow after the hidden man of my heart, the Holy Ghost, where there is no sin. But watch this brother, while in the Holy Ghost where there is no need for thought, because in him you are a doer not a thiker about it. The moment we, well I take thought I am steppeing out of just walking by belief, for I have thgought about it and I am like become double minded as Adam and Eve became when the serphent questioned them, doubt entered and the knowledge of flesh took over and sin became rampant in the flesh and spirit, but God in God's time through te cross of christ condemned all sin to the flesh all flesh except Christ's flesh, therefore I say take no thought and you will have all bad thoughts captivated to the obedience of Christ for the inward man will be in control with you, me and all that believe out of the way, that is their own flesh that is at war with the spirit of God. thanks for conversation brother and have you checked out my blogger, better have you had the chance