Sunday, March 25, 2012

335. Where Are You Positioned With God?

We continue with our look at how God thinks of you and the position He has placed us in Christ. Our goal is to find out more regarding the truth of how God really sees us and it's quite different from a works oriented "gospel" that brings guilt and condemnation. The next time somebody asks, "Where do you stand before God today?" You can reply, "Actually, I sit with Him."

Joel recently wrote a blog post on his Grace Roots blog that goes along with all that we've been talking about lately. Find it here: When Behavior Isn't About Rules, but Is About Dignity and Worth.

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  1. Yes the answer is, once you believe in Christ Jesus you have been made perfect, and forever Holy from God's vantage point. For this is how the Father views Jesus and when you are in him Father sees you through Jesus. So walk in him as you are already in him. it is not you it is the Holy Spirit in you, the born again you, that serves God. Homward

  2. I’m not a bible scholar, and I also want to take some courses so that I can learn to read good (and also to fix my potty-mouth). About Psalm 8:5 as you mentioned in the podcast, the Hebrew word used is “elohim” and not angel. In the OT, God is referred to as YHWH (early form of texting) in many places and Elohim (interestingly a singular/plural noun like family) in other places. Some feel that documents originating from the Northern Kingdom (~900 – 700 BCE) used Elohim while those from the Southern Kingdom used YHWH.

    In Hebrews 2:7 the writer quotes this Psalm and uses the word aggelos/angelos, implying angel. It may be that in trying to harmonize the OT with the NT, the translators read the word used in Hebrews back into Psalms. Hell if I know! How’s that for straining a fly testicle and swallowing a camel, and thereby missing the whole point of the podcast.