Sunday, May 22, 2011

292. "Sinners" Saved by Grace?

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In our new lives in Christ, should we continue to refer to ourselves as "sinners"? Having been saved by grace, are we still "sinners"?

Don't we have a new identity in Christ? Haven't we become the "righteousness of God in Christ Jesus"? While we were once "dead in transgressions," hasn't God now made us alive together with Him as new creations? So why do we still refer to ourselves as "sinners"?

Some may bring up the words of the Apostle Paul, who referred to himself as "the chief of sinners." But was he talking about his current life in Christ, or his overall reign as the biggest sinner in the world because of the things he had formerly done in his life? In other words, at the time he used the phrase "chief of sinners," did Paul think of his current life as that of a very sinful person?

Should be a good conversation, as we talk about all these things, as well as what happens if we continue to live with the mentality that we're merely poor, wretched sinners.

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1 comment:

  1. Trying to integrate this grace stuff with recent events like the May 21 Rapture/Judgement Day venue (now postponed until October 21 for those who bought advance tickets).

    It looks like it would be good to get raptured because for an old covenant eye (Ex 21:24), God will not only poke your eye out but He’ll also give you an earthquake, wormwood flavoured meteorite and a multi-headed beast from the abyss to come bite you in the butt cheek in return. If that’s not enough He’ll rip the appropriate page out of the book of life. Then after that He might even get mad. I guess that’s what attracts me to all these end time dates.

    Now I suppose some smart-ass will come along and quote some line like Matt 18:21, 22 to me, but hey that’s not good ol’ hard core OC, just more of that NC grace stuff.