Sunday, April 17, 2011

287. Grace... But

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Many Christians seem to talk the talk of the sufficiency of grace, only to quickly negate their own words with conditional phrases such as "but...", and they come up with lists of various shoulds, musts and ought to's that Christians need to live by, which essentially nullifies their talk of the sufficiency of grace. On the one hand, they speak of the free gift of salvation, telling people that there's nothing they can do to earn it... only to turn around and present them with a list of rules and obligations that they need to live by after they've believed in Christ.

So are you in with "Grace But Ministries" --- as Kap calls it :) --- or are you depending upon the sufficiency of grace by which you are who you are and by which you live the life that you live?

Here's this week's GIG-Bite, a quick sample of this week's program.


  1. Great podcast again. A lot of implications related even to other topics like baptism (what it is versus traditional approaches).

    Also I agree with Kap on the three days/three nights thing. Most people think of Sabbath as Saturday only, but the Jews also had high Sabbaths that could occur on any day of the week. The First Day of Unleavened Bread (initiated by Passover, see Leviticus) was a Sabbath in the Jewish tradition and could occur on any day of the week. If one knew the year Jesus was born, one could work from there to arrive at which day of the week it occurred in His 33rd year (it could have been Wednesday or Thursday that year).

    Finally, I guess that legalism is bull-should!

  2. Well Jim I was with you on your first paragraph, but then you had to go and be the second person in the world to ever agree with Kap on the Good Wednesday thing, and I've totally lost all respect for you. LOL :D

    But seriously, Paul did indeed call legalism "dung," so I'm back with you on your last sentence. :)

  3. Jim, you would think after 6 years of doing podcasts together with me that Joel would be right about everything. *sigh*
    All I can do is keep "trying" to help him think as he "ought" to.