Sunday, February 27, 2011

280. The Unattainable, Insurmountable, Unachievable Teachings of Jesus

At times, Jesus had some pretty strong words for His listeners. For example, one time He told a crowd that if their righteousness did not exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees, they would by no means enter the kingdom of heaven! He also said that they must be perfect as their Father in heaven is perfect. And He said that while it was written in the law that a person shall not commit adultery, it wasn't only the act of adultery that mattered, but that if a person looked on someone with lust, that was adultery in the heart!

As if it wasn't already difficult enough to keep God's law, Jesus, at times, seemed to put a magnifying glass on it and made it all the more difficult to keep! So are these teachings of Jesus meant for Christians to follow? Didn't God send Jesus to lighten our load and to do for us what we couldn't do? Why then did He teach things that are impossible for us to do? We share our thoughts about that this week on Growing in Grace.

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  1. Why then did He teach things that are impossible for us to do?

    To show us our inability to obey law in it's entirety, that no one can that we need God, and we can't have God without perfection, so Jesus offered all that believe in him perfection, first in the death for forgivenss, then in the ressurecton for our new lives in him through him so we can receive the Holy Ghost and talk with father openly and thus be trained to do what is right through asking Father to be our pinch hitter in our stead, thus me out of the way so Father dould do Fathers' work through me in the power of the Holy Ghost, bringing in the sheep as the Holy Ghost does the leading and talking

  2. Yep indeed, Howard. "For what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh, God did by sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh..." Jesus simply put a magnifying glass on the law so show man how futile it was to try to keep it, and then He Himself went ahead and fulfilled it and set all the rest of us free from it!

  3. I have enjoyed all of your podcasts but this was my favorite one thus far. Romans 3:19 spoke to me just like it spoke to you guys, it really puts a mirrior on what we heard all our life in traditional churches. Jesus was speaking the law when he was on the sermon on the mount. Like the Bible says that we are the righteous of God. We do not have the hunger and thirst, WE HAVE IT. It is the same with the rest of them. We need to believe in the finished work of Christ.

    It is hard to accept for most, but it is the truth. The law was fulfilled when Jesus came.

    This is a huge revelation for me, thank you guys for posting:)

  4. Indeed Mike, this has truly been one of the "biggest" revelations that I've had, or perhaps better said, one of the most revolutionary revelations that I've ever had. It really turned things around for me, knowing what Jesus was up to in those teachings in the Sermon on the Mount and other times when He was speaking with Jews, ministering under the Old Covenant. It truly is hard to accept for many. I think they have to be ready to receive it. All we can do is sow the seeds, so to speak, and allow the Spirit to work the truth out in them.