Sunday, January 02, 2011

272. Is God a God of Second Chances?

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There's a common saying in the church that says "God is a God of second chances." At first glance, that may sound good, bringing a person a kind of "hope" that God will give them another chance to get things right if they've messed up. But is this right? Is it true that God gives people second chances?

Let's press a little further into this and ask perhaps a more important question. Did God even give us a chance to get it right in the first place? Was He expecting us to somehow be able to get it right?  And then if we failed He'd come along and give us a second chance?  And maybe even a third chance?  And then another chance... and another... and another...?  If we keep getting chances, how many chances do we get?

We'll talk through these thoughts on this week's edition of Growing in Grace.
Here's this week's short GIG-Bite, a quick sample of this week's program.


  1. Just shared this on Facebook. I wouldn't be surprised to see my friend count go down after that.... but hey I made it public, maybe someone out there is ready to hear it and be set free in that area. :)

    1. That's it! The hope that someone will be set free. :)