Sunday, July 25, 2010

250. Does Grace Free Us to Do as We Please?

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As children of God, we "abide" in Christ, just as a branch abides in a vine. God produces His fruit in and through us as we rest in Him. A branch itself doesn't produce fruit. A branch bears the fruit that came from the life of the vine.  The life is in the Vine.  As branches in the Vine, we can do nothing apart from Christ.

The grace of God - not law or religion - is what motivates us and also enables us to live godly lives. And not only that, but God has given us a brand new nature. This new nature is the essence of who we are. The things that our new nature wants to do are natural expressions of the life of Christ that we've been joined together with.

Some people say that if we remove law, rules, religion, etc, and preach the grace of God, this will cause people to go out and do whatever they want to. Well, in light of all of the above, what do you think? Would this really be a bad thing?? :)


  1. If living by the grace of God causes us to "do bad things" then those bad things are already in your heart. If you follow this type of doctrine to it's natural end then the next statement would be and God knows what's in the heart so in reality you've done it anyway. People who believe God's grace is a free license for anything is simply exposing their own heart condition

  2. I think that people who think of grace as a license to sin do not truly know grace. They may see grace as forgiveness of sins, or as a ticket to heaven, but they haven't learned and/or appropriated the power and life that is found in grace that overcomes sin, not approves of it or gives it a license.

    This is why we continue to share the fullness of what grace is. And it's one reason for this program in particular. Law and religion, while perhaps having an appearance of being able to help with overcoming sin, really do nothing to help it and in fact bring it out all the more.

    Grace, on the other hand, teaches us to live godly lives, and not only that but grace itself is the source and power and life for it! Grace endears us to God, so when we're walking in grace, we are free to do whatever we please, because the things that we are pleased to do are grace-full, godly, loving things!