Sunday, April 25, 2010

238. So Jesus Mentioned the Tithe...

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Some people who teach that tithing is a Christian principle have said things such as, "Jesus mentioned the tithe, so that means that tithing is for Christians." Well, it's true that Jesus mentioned the tithe. But when He did, who was He talking to? What was He saying? What was His overall point? If we look at His words in the larger context of what He was saying and doing, can we truly glean from it that He was making a case for Christian tithing?  Or did it have nothing at all to do with that? We discuss this on Growing in Grace this week.

With all this talk the past few weeks about "tithing," we're leading up to something else, but we first wanted to lay a foundation of what "giving" for the Christian is not, and why it's not. We'll begin talking more about true "grace giving" as this series progresses!

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