Sunday, November 15, 2009

215. Change the Way You Think About How You Relate to God

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Picking up on what we talked about last week, about the true meaning of repentance, and building on it a little this week. Stop thinking you relate to God through your behavior, and start believing that you relate to Him through the good news!

Also: In case you haven't heard, Joel has started a new "Growing in Grace" feature called "Growing in Grace Together." All the programs will be posted here! Check out the first two programs that have already been posted, featuring John Lynch (coauthor of Bo's Cafe) and Andrew Farley (author of The Naked Gospel).


  1. I found you through Daveda....

    Saw you like alot of the books I like. Very cool!

    Then I saw that you had John Lynch on... very, very cool...

    Are you affiliated with Steve McVey?

    I am a woman learning to live in the true identity of Christ in ME!

    Great to meet you!

  2. Hi Julie, great to meet you too! Our podcast airs on Grace Walk Internet Radio, but technically we're not affiliated with Grace Walk Ministries, although we do consider Steve to be a great friend. We're planning on having him on our podcast very soon.

    That's absolutely wonderful that you're learning to live in your true identity - Christ in you! The Christian life becomes such a wonderful journey of grace and freedom when as we learn more and more about our true identity and union with God and with each other!