Sunday, February 22, 2009

179. God's Discipline - Loving Teaching and Correction, Not Punishment

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This week we look at the words "chasten" and "discipline" in Hebrews 12, and discuss how these words don't mean "punish," as the words are often wrongfully taken to mean. As legitimate children of God, He teaches us and corrects us in His love - not impatiently and not fearfully or out of anger - to help us to know His love and to trust Him and to walk as the children of God that we truly are.

It's interesting that the writer of Hebrews, leading up to this, would write so many words to help get people rooted and grounded in Jesus Himself bearing the sin of the world, being the once-for-all perfect sacrifice,that we're not under the wrath of God, that we should hold fast our hope in Him, and that we look unto Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith... and then suddenly, according to various interpretations of this, the writer tells us God is angry and impatient with us, and beats us and punishes us???

If God's "perfect love for us eliminates all dread of what he might do to us" (1 John 4:18, The Living Bible), then we must know and be encouraged that He never harms us or punishes us. He disciplines us (teaches us, corrects us) in loving ways, for our own good, not as a display of anger or wrath.


  1. Hey Joel and Mike, Anne and I are listening through all of these again and in this one it made me start to think about what Mike was saying about taking the bible in full context and rightly dividing it. In that thought I am wondering if either of you know of a version that is reliable but is not divided into verses and chapters but simply books. I would appreciate any help.

  2. Joel,

    The version is Today's New International Version and the layout is quite good!