Sunday, August 03, 2008

150. The Law Vs. The Gift of Righteousness

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  1. So... where does the OT come into play? I'm agreeing with you - feeling very free in listening to your broadcasts, but the Old Testament has to have validity for us as Christians too becuase it is included in the bible - that is where I'm always getting tripped up in the grace stuff... SK

  2. SK,
    In short, the OT points us TO the cross, Paul's writings look back at the cross. The entire scripture is centered around Jesus Christ. So yes, the OT has validity with a message for the entire world...You can't get to God by your own merit, the ultimate goal of the OT & the law to teach us to realize our need for a savior.

  3. SK,

    That's a great question, and I'm sure it's one that a lot of people have. As Mike said, everything centers around Jesus. The Old Covenant had a great purpose - to lead people to Jesus. And now in the New Covenant, that has happened - we're in Jesus, so the Law's purpose (the purpose of the Old Covenant) has been fulfilled, and we're no longer under it.

    On several of our past programs, we've talked about the various scriptures that relate to all this, and if you're interested, you can scroll down and check out some of the past shows. In particular, check out shows #75, 76, 77, 79, 115, 123, among others.

  4. I will check those out - loving this stuff! SK